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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Richard, quite to walk out on GMA event!

President Gloria Arroyo spent two hours in the inauguration of GMA's new Annex Studios last Friday.

PGMA and GMA President Filipe Gozon and other executive and guest did the ribbon cutting during the event.

Senators Mar Roxas, Bong Revilla at Miriam Defensor Santiago, QC Ma­yor Sonny Belmonte and Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista were also present.

After dinner, they went directly to Studio 4 including PGMA and watch the Musical Special.

Richard Gutierrez was assigned to share his piece regarding the entire concept of the show that night. He has experienced fun, anger, fantasy, pain, laughter.

Romance, power and passion is the concept of each production number.

While delivering his piece that night, he was blocked by the cameraman unintentionally. But surprisingly, he shows no irrition bout what happened. Some speculate though that he walked out from that eventBut towards the end of the show, he returned together with Iza Calzado and ended the spiels.

Richard Gutierrez showed the grace under pressure

Richard Gutierrez showed the grace under pressure in his segment. Richard memorized his piece but he still put a teleprompter in a studio.

There's only one word that he missed and when he take a look at the teleprompter, he was coincidentally blocked by his cameraman.

If any other artist had experienced it, they might have been already panic, but not Richard. He remained calm. He was just smiling while thinking what he'd say next. Visitors didn't even noticed what happened. Richard remained his composure.

If that upset Richard after his segment, there's nothing to feel sad because these normally occur on a live show.

Richard Gutierrez will no longer be paired with Marian?!


What will happen now to Captain Barbell Meets Darna?!

The latest we heard is that Richard Gutierrez will be doing "The Mask Of Zorro" after Codename: Asero

Seems like this will be set aside again, especially they haven't found someone who could fit the role Darna.

We seriously doubt if Marian Rivera will play the role that that too identified with Angel Locsin.

Anyway, we've hear that Marian want to take a break after Dyesebel.

And also, it seems like its quite impossible for Richard and Marian to be paired up again right now, specially that Richard Gutierrez will be doing a Valentine Movie with KC Concepcion next year.

Speaking of Richard, who's no doubt in-loved with KC.

Seem the feeling is mutual,especially they've got the chance to get closer when they were in Europe for 10 days.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Richard Went to Paris, KC Introduced him to her Friends

Richard Went to Paris, KC Introduced him to her Friends

Unique Toothpaste TVC was Richard's own concept, his new TV Commercial. He also did his own stunt with the help of his team.

The TVC is very unigue and powerful, that made Mr. Alfonso Supertran really happy because the actor help increase market sales of the brand of toothpaste.

Richard just got back from Europe with KC and Raymund Gutierrez.

He was having a great time bonding with KC, they tour around and was introduced to KC's friends. So the question, if are they for real now? “What you see is what you get” he said.

Follow-up question if he's in love? Richard answered "What do you think will? Do I look like I'm in love? You decide that. Basta, Paris is the city of Love. "

Richard, Loves KC

Richard, Loves KC

Richard Gutierrez gets more TV commercial endorsement offers.
His most current endorsement is the UNIQUE Toothpaste TVC,
was a launching last Tuesday night in Mandarin Suites at Gateway Mall.
TVC was shown to athe press to impress and show their concept and
structure, specially that Richard shovel and choreograph his
own stunts. Impressing isn't it.
During the said press conference, Richard express how proud he is
doing this TVC specially it is a Philippine made product.
This is the reason why he immediately accepted the offer and at the
same time as mentioned earlier that he was the one who made
the choreography of his stunts and he's being proud of all the efforts
and dedication he has given.
After the Q & A with Richard and the management of Unique,
there was a individual interview.
The actor has been asked about the latest issues about
him, specially in his lovelife with KC Concepcion.
They've just been to Vienna Austria for the Premiere Night
of their lastest Movie under Star Cinema " For The First Time."
They also included the twin of the young actor Raymond and
that they also went to Budapest, Hungary.
In Paris, they had a longer time with KC.
Paris, is said to be KC's second home, because it's where
she attended her College and stayed their for 4 years.
"KC knows how to speak french very well. She's very
excellent. I and Raymund are actually having a hard time
to communicate so KC become our official translator"
"We lost and wayward and she brought us the nice restaurants there.
She's very impressive, "compliments of the young Chard actress.
"In all the cities that I've been in the world, maybe Paris is No. 1
and best, so far. And of course, still more beautiful, when you're
with someone important and valuable to you. "
How much do you love KC?
"very much" the actor replied immediately."
Is the feeling mutual?
"Of course, I feel that I'm important to her.
Of course, I feel that. Essentially we mutually. "
Whatever they have right now, Richard doesn't want
to put any label on it. He just say, "what you see is what you get"


Mario E. Bautista
People's Journal

RICHARD Gutierrez was supposed to be launched as endorser of Unique Toothpaste last Saturday but he extended his European trip with KC and got to return home only last Sunday so his launching was moved to Tuesday. His TV commercial for Unique is really impressive, giving importance to his being today’s most agile young action star as seen in his hit TV show, “Codename: Asero.” It shows him personifying Unique and fighting against several opponents who represent tooth decay. “I’m thankful to Unique for giving me the chance to showcase my capabilities as an action star in a commercial,” he says. “And for allowing me to do my own stunts and choreograph the action sequences.”

And why was Richard chosen as their first celeb endorser of Unique after such a long time? “Because he’s handsome, talented, hardworking, wholesome, has a good image and is a good role model to our youth,” says ACS Manufacturing president, Alonso Supetran. “Several actors were presented to us but Richard is our only choice. He’s perfect for the concept of the commercial as he reflects Unique’s values. Mahusay ang Unique at mahusay rin siya. Sa ngayon, we only get 3% of the toothpaste market. But with Richard as our spokesman, dapat, maging number one na kami even against the multinational brands.”

“I’m honored to be the endorser of Unique,” says Richard. “I’m happy and proud to be endorsing a product that’s local and more reasonably priced but has high quality like other brands.”

And how is his trip to Europe with KC Concepcion? “It went very well. It gave me time to unwind and refresh myself after much hard work with the movies, TV show and endorsements that I do. I now feel much energized. KC, my brother Raymond and I went to visit Budapest and Paris after the movie premiere in Vienna.”

He’s all set to start his new movie with KC for GMA Films to be released on Valentine’s Day. “It’ll be lighter this time, more of comedy than drama. And this time, our rapport will be even better as we’ve gotten to know each other even better while we were traveling together in various countries.”

Richard is also glad that “Asero” continues to rate very high. This week, Ibsen (Richard Gomez) tells Asero that he’d regret his decision to leave the Empire Agency. Asero has another encounter with the destroyer robot who wrecks his car. Emily (Heart Evangelista) and her Lola Bertita (Caridad Sanchez) witness how Asero fights against the enemy soldiers using an iron hand. Reporters, cops and kibitzers flock to the area where the fighting occurs and it’s also shown on TV so everyone now knows that Asero is a cyborg. Later, Mr. P helps Asero and reformats him to make him an event better agent of the Advocate Agency who’d use him for good and not for evil purposes like what Empire did to him. It will also be revealed that there are two Ibsens and one of them is so weak while tied on a wheelchair.


Allan Diones

FEELING refreshed and reenergized Richard Gutierrez after more than a week in Europe where he associated si KC Concepcion.
Including twin Richard Raymond that they will attend the international screening of the film For the First Time in Vienna, Austria.
There was a problem because the other with visa should they leave si KC without a chaperone or handler.

"We are excited all of a sudden, he goes to the airport and make her way to spoil the trip and makasakay the plane.

According to our source who saw them in Europe they are too sweet and many believe the relationship is mutual...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Richard Gutierrez's Europe sojourn with KC Concepcion: adventure and bonding

"Whenever I'm on vacation, I feel re-energized. I feel refreshed [and] it's always good to relax and unwind," said Richard when he was cornered by the entertainment Reporters after the press conference prepared by Unique toothpaste last night, October 7, and the Mandarin Oriental Suites, Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.

The event formally introduced as Richard Unique's celebrity endorser, which also witnessed the premiere of the young actor's television commercial for the brand mentioned.

It was not just an ordinary out-of-the-country trip for the young actor as he was accompanied by twin brother Raymond, and yes, KC Concepcion!

"We are excited and all of a sudden, they go [KC] in the airport and actually make him a way to join the trip," revealed Richard. "So, we're all surprised. All of us were surprised but that only mean one thing, that he won't fail his fans, our fans in Austria."

Although the trip was part of Star Cinema's effort to promote For the First Time overseas, a string of problems turned out to be a good thing for the entire party.

As it turned out, Richard, Raymond, KC and made the most of the rare opportunity by deciding to embark on a quick vacation just to unwind.

"Well, it was all our decision to extend. But prior to that decision, there were some complications with the flights, so that was really the main reason why we need to extend our trip. We have to cancel some schedules' then there was the schedule complications. "Richard related.

Lovers IN PARIS? Aside from Austria, the Trio included Hungary and France in their ITINERARY. Understandably, France stood out as the most notable among the places they had visited.

"Paris is beautiful. The city of Romance!" gushed Richard. "There were friends I meet you by KC in Paris and since it's fashion week, there also other designers that also shown Pinoy' elegance in Paris. So we were able to meet up with some Filipino designers who were there and it was a good trip for us. "

The break allowed Richard and KC to spend quality time together, raising the public's curiosity even more about their real status.

Confessed Richard: "Of course, actually we're bonding with KC in Europe. Not sure, once you travel with a person, actually more likely you'd be able to know them well. And it was really fun, really who we enjoy, it was an adventure. I and KC, we always go for the adventure and I say that Euro trip was really a good adventure for us. "

Richard refused to state directly the real score between him and the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and former matinee idol Gabby Concepcion.

"It does not matter 'yong title, e. Important' yong organization," he smiled sheepishly.

But he is presently in love?

"Do I look [like] it?" he asked meaningfully back, " 'Yon, you decide."

Even when probed further, Richard never let up playing COY.

"We ni KC, you know, what you see is what you get just that ... 'yong welcome to see only' when we together."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

KC, Richard back in RP after Vienna screenings of 'For the First Time', Saturday October 5, 2008 Philippines

Lead stars KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez of Star Cinema’s "For the First Time" arrived in the country early Sunday from Europe after the successful screenings of their film in Vienna, Austria.

Along with Gutierrez’s twin brother, Raymond, KC and Richard arrived at 4:50 a.m. in Manila from Paris, France. They stayed in Paris after the film’s screenings at Cineplexx Donauplex in Vienna.

They said their stay in Paris and Vienna was very enjoyable and memorable for them, especially after a big number of Filipinos in Vienna supported their film. The two stars thanked their fans for watching the movie, which is one of Star Cinema's offerings for its 15th anniversary.

They also invited their fans to buy the DVD of "For the First Time."

Directed by well-acclaimed director Ms. Joyce Bernal, the premiere of "For the First Time" was said to be the biggest for any Filipino movie shown in Austria.

Reports said fans were impressed by KC’s acting prowess given that it’s her first full-length movie and that most of the scenes were shot outside of the country.

"For the First Time" is KC's very first take on the movie industry while it is Richard’s first project with ABS-CBN's movie outfit Star Cinema.

Aside from their respective projects, KC and Richard are again set to shoot a Valentine movie next year under GMA films.

as of 10/05/2008 12:24 PM

Friday, October 3, 2008

Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez for Rosalinda Philippine Edition?

Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez for Rosalinda Philippine Edition?

But of course, GMA will have second thoughts with this team-up. Marian Rivera is their no. 1 primetime ratings magnet while Richard Gutierrez is their no. 2. If they will team them up in one tv series, it will be a sure-fire no. 1 hit but the 2nd to 4th position in the ratings game will be put to jeopardy.

Currently, the no. 1 to no. 4 position in Mega Manila ratings are occupied by GMA. From time to time, some ABS-CBN shows were able to penetrate these positions in Mega Manila like The Singing Bee and Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, but were not able to maintain the ranking. So if GMA will join the two stalwarts in one show, one position in the ranking will be in danger.

Maybe, this is the time for Dingdong Dantes to shine even more. Perhaps, a new show for him but this time, he’s no longer under the shadow of Marian Rivera. And of course, after Dyesebel and Marimar, people are now looking forward for Marian and Dingdong to have a different love team.

I for one would like to see Richard and Marian together in a tv series. Their team up in BFGF was magical! Jologs girl meets rich and spoiled guy. And the characters in Rosalinda is somewhat similar to these kind of roles. Hope GMA will grant the fans’ request.


Richard Guttierez is Zorro on GMA Telebabad

Richard Guttierez is Zorro on GMA Telebabad

GMA-7 has bought the rights to televised the local version of Zorro, the fictional Mexican character written by Johnston McCulley in 1919.

According to PEP, Richard Gutierrez was chosen by GMA-7 management to play the lead role and is now attending fencing lessons. This is going to be Richard’s 7th tv series on GMA after Mulawin, Sugo, Captain Barbell, Lupin, Kamandag, and Codename: Asero.

Richard’s leading lady in Asero, Heart Evangelista, was earlier reported to star in the fantaserye Luna Mystica opposite Mark Anthony Fernandez. So the role for Richard’s leading lady in the Philippine version of Zorro is still up for grabs.

Zorro is perhaps best known for the movie of the same name starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones. But the very first movie about the Mexican fictional character was “The Mask of Zorro” in 1920.

On television, Walt Disney came up with Zorro the tv series and it ran from 1957 to 1959. And in 2007, it became a “telenovela” courtesy of Sony TV and Telemundo. It’s entitled Zorro: La Espada Y La Rosa starring the Peruvian actor Christian Meier.

Richard-KC, optimized their vacation

Richard Gutierrez and Raymund Gutierrez took time and enjoy their time and vacation in Paris, France with KC Concepcion.

They extended the trip there until Saturday. 5:00 AM Sunday as they arrived in the Philippines.

Previously Raymond is the only one who must extend, but later on KC and Richard decided to extend their vacation too in Paris. Here is the text to me by Raymond on Wednesday night with, "KC and Chard are supposed to leave today but they both decided to extend ...

"KC has been our guide, translator and concierge. Even her Parisian friends are very helpful and nice. One of her close friends here is the cousin of Bubbles and Paolo (Paraiso).

"Yesterday she (KC) took us to her favorite place for breakfast, a cafe called Le Durée. "Also yesterday, while shopping, we bumped into some Filipinos we know from Dublin. What a small world really.

"Today we are fixing our tickets and hotel rooms for extension. We also plan to visit the Louvre museum where The Da Vinci Code was filmed and the museum that houses the mona Lisa. "

Last night was a text to us again by Raymond, "Their are also lots of Pinoy here in Paris. When we went to the bank, the lady who helped us was Pinay. "When we went to the Louvre museum, we also met so many Filipinos, some from Ireland, Davao and Manila. "At least they do not GMA Pinoy TV here, but they still know me as Chard and updated them on the internet. "Tonight we're taking a river cruise around Paris. "Stresses us a little because we labored to book a flight."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Richard's transition

Richard's transition
Article posted September 30, 2008

It's heartwarming to browse through Richard Gutierrez's old pictures and to realize how much he has grown before the public's eyes. From a chubby twin to a scrawny teen, nobody expected that he'd be one of the country's hottest matinee idols within the span of four years. It all started with "Mulawin," of course, and Richard recognizes that. He says he will be forever thankful for that winged creature that literally made his career take flight. Text by Jillian Q. Gatcheco, with an interview by Erick Mataverde. Photos by the iGMA Web Team.

A look back

Within four years starting with Mulawin (2004), Richard has portrayed a myriad of characters, both real and imagined. He delved into martial arts in Sugo (2005), saved the world as the much-celebrated Captain Barbell (2006), made the ladies swoon in the Pinoy remake of Lupin (2007), and captivated audiences with his Kamandag (2007).

Now he is a cyborg in Codename: Asero, torn between his allegiance to his family and to the crime-fighting organization called "Advocate."

If his capacity as a character actor has been tried and tested on TV, Richard's big-screen flicks showcase another side of his acting prowess. From "tweetums" roles in Let the Love Begin (2005), complex characters such as Daniel in The Promise (2007) and a successful comedic attempt in My Best Friend's Girlfriend (2008), Richard has proven time and again that he’s not just a pretty boy.

Richard Gutierrez, fight director

He keeps on pushing his limits by trying something new for every project he does. For Asero, he took his acting skills up a notch by getting involved in the fight choreography of the show.

"I used to like action films when I was a kid, so I would have ideas in my mind. So now, habang ginagawa namin yung mga eksena, bumabalik sa akin yung mga eksenang [napanood ko na]. Ginagamit ko na lang imagination ko," Richard says, explaining where he gets inspiration for his fight choreography.

Doesn't it complicate acting, when you're thinking of too many things at the same time?

"It complements pa; it helps pa," he answers. "You know where the scene is going, and you know your actions, and by that, malalabas mo rin yung acting mo. It's hard physically, pero for me, it helps [to] bring out the character."

Richard makes it a point to explore different techniques in his fight direction. "I always want to make it different every time, so I use any form of action, kahit na hand to hand [combat], minsan may guns, minsan we just use our environment. We have different choices, we don’t limit ourselves."

He shares one dream scene that he would like to fulfill while he's in Asero. "Actually, marami pa, pero isa sa mga simple fights na gusto ko is using a steady camera, and no edit point. So we're still gonna work on that."

He's been lucky that he never suffered major injuries in his action scenes, although minor accidents have occurred once in a while. "[Nagkakaroon ako ng] mga paso, pero nangyayari naman yun, e. Napaso na rin ako, pero minor injuries lang, and it’s part of it."

Another mark

With projects coming in nonstop for the 24-year old, he expresses that he looks forward to a project that will "leave a mark again."

"Kasi for me, Mulawin ang nagsimula ng lahat, then after that, ginawa ko yung mga roles na gusto kong gawin. Ngayon, parang nagampanan ko na halos lahat ng roles na gusto kong gawin, pero mayroon pa namang naiiwan.

"I'm still looking for that one project na talagang malapit sa akin. After my second movie with KC (Concepcion), I wanna do something different and experiment on a new character or new role na hindi pa nakikita ng tao sa akin."

He is referring to his next project under GMA Films tentatively titled When I Met You, and it will be released in time for Valentine's 2009—Richard’s fourth V-day movie streak.

Richard stresses, however, that although he is still searching for the project that will be at par with his Mulawin break, he makes it a point to enjoy everything that's given to him. "Lahat naman ng ginagawa ko, dapat masaya. Pag hindi ka na masaya, wag mo na gawin."

Rumor has it that after Asero, he is set to tape Zorro, although we'll have to wait for the official word on that. In the meantime, he says he is excited for When I met You because it'll be his second team-up with the Megastar’s daughter; their first was Star Cinema's For the First Time. "I don't want to say it's gonna be better, but I think it will be better for the audience, kasi kami ni KC, we're gonna offer something new."